I had many driver installed I my virtual machine , so It was actually the reason why I was having the error.

To fix it I had first to remove all driver I have installed before using :

-sudo apt-get purge nvidia-*

-sudo apt-get update

-sudo apt-get autoremove

After that I when a head and installed the latest version of it nvidia driver:

I did :

  • apt search nvidia-driver To get the latest version of the driver After getting the latest version I installed it with :

Edit Sept 2021 : According to the last comment by @a-r-j you can install a couple of dependencies before

  • sudo apt install libnvidia-common-470
  • sudo apt install libnividia-gl-470

Then you can move forward and install the driver.

  • sudo apt install nvidia-driver-470

And after installing it I rebooted my machine and checked with :


And tata ☄️

The results :

Imgur Image

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