I am currently doing my master and hope to put more on this section in the future, research exited me a lot but I am not currently thinking about doing a Phd.

If you’re hosting me for a talk, here is my preferred profile image, and below is my speaker bio:

Espoir Murhabazi Buzina, a Congolese Software Engineer  with six years of experience in Software Engineering and Data Science.
He is currently a master’s student in Computer Science at the University of Essex. He specialize in Natural Language Processing. He is passionate about text data and anything related to Natural Language Processing. My friend calls me le grand Frere de ses petit freres because He is passionate about mentoring young people and building the next generation of Congolese tech leaders. His dream is to train a thousand young Congolese software engineers and equip them with skills that will help them get remote jobs in top tech companies in the world in the next five years. He was awarded the Chevening Scholarship in 2021-22 for my community building and leadership skills. He don’t take like so seriously. When he is not coding , he like enjoying his weekend, having drinks with friend , playing Fantasy Football, support ManCity and Listen to Congolese music.